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Crumlin Boxing Club - Dublin 12

Crumlin Boxing Club Newly re-Opened March 2015

Crumlin Boxing Club
Windmill Road
Crumlin D 12
DUB 12
087 9719193
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About Us

Crumlin Boxing Clubs origins dates back as far as the 1930’s. Although the dates and year are not specific, we are told that the early 30’s would be a more accurate time in which the club was founded. What we do know is that, originally the Irish Tobacco company donated the premises, which was a wooden shed at the back of Pearse Park in Crumlin to the boxing club, called then the ‘Imperial Tobacco Boxing Club’.

The club went through many changes since its doors originally opened and nobody knows for sure when the, ‘imperial Tobacco Boxing Club’ changed its name to Crumlin Boxing Club. Maybe it was because of its location? Who knows for sure? But what we do know of Crumlin Boxing club is that it has a strong tradition of boxing and producing many champions since the early 40’s. In the 80’s tragedy struck and the club was raised to the ground, which gave birth to the new premises that Crumlin Boxing Club still resides in today. Since its reopening in the 80’s to early 90’s the club went through some major changes (not all of them good however) and the club was pretty much left derelict until taken over by Phil Sutcliffe (Head Coach), Paddy Wheelan (Crumlin’s 1st President) and Gary Griffin in 1992.

Why the club had deteriorated we still don’t know and what was left of generations of great fighters were 2 boxing bags, a leaky roof, rotting ring ropes and floor that would make Dublin pot holes look like an even surface. Needless to say the boxing club needed to be rebuilt and from its foundations came what is today one of the best boxing clubs in Ireland, which is a compliment to one of Irelands finest trainers and fighter himself Phil Sutcliffe. Crumlin Boxing Club was rebuilt and if you understand anything about Crumlin Boxing Clubs traditions, you will find that it is deep routed within its working class community that surrounds it and this tradition is very much kept alive by the people that run it today. 

Maybe this is the reason that Crumlin Boxing Club can boast of so many champions, its strong roots and traditions. All we know is that if you mention Crumlin Boxing Club to anyone in Irish boxing circles they’ll know our name and know if you fight one of our fighters your going to have a fight on your hands.

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Kathie, Roy Nash and  Paul Thompson