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Trinity Boys Boxing Club

Donaghmede, Co Dublin: A long tradition of Boxing in Dublin

Trinity Boys Boxing Club
Trinity Sports & Leisure
Hole in the Wall Road,
DUB 13
086 2501522
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About Us

At Trinity Boys Amateur Boxing Club the sport of Boxing is conducted in a safe, positive and encouraging atmosphere. All Coach’s try to strike a balance between a young persons desire to win and a young person right to participate. We believe success is not the same as winning and failure is not the same as losing, although in boxing competition it is an essential element of the sport. However competitive demands are not placed on any young boxer too early as this results in excessive levels of pressure on them and this can lead to them dropping out at a early stage of learning. 

A balanced approach to competition can make a significant contribution towards any young boxer’s development. It also takes time for young boxers to learn the art of boxing, train to a acceptable level of fitness and learn how to respect there opponents and tournament officials as at all times boxers must abide by the rules of our affiliated association Irish Amateur Boxing Association (I.A.B.A.). Also regardless of previous achievements by some of our experienced boxers there is nobody at the Club with big ego’s as all members are encouraged to treat each other in the same manner they are treated in an equitable and fair manner regardless of ability, age, religion, social and ethnic background.

Trinity Boys Amateur Boxing Club is once again becoming an intricate part of our community. The local schools have always being a recruiting ground for our club we have a long and distinguished history with our schools, we have enjoyed much success with past pupils from these schools and can see the current crop of students are just as committed, confident and capable as past students. Our new trainees both local and from outlying areas should in the coming seasions continue the tradition of competing and wining at the highest level for Trinity Boys Amateur Boxing Club and our local area. Sincerely we believe with the dedication of the Coaching staff and volunteers of Trinity Boys Amateur Boxing Club together we will influence positively on the future of most of our young members in there future years.

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