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Bushido Karate Gendi

Bushido Karate Gendi, Stewards Sports Centre & Citywest Hotel

Stewarts Sports Centre
Waterstown Avenue
087 6668508
01 4010700
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Citywest Health & Leisure Club
087 6668508
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About Bushido

Bushido kickboxing/karate Gendi is taught by world champion Shane Lynch, world champion Clairlouise Sweetman and Senior instructor Pat Lynch and Michael Dunleavy.

  • Bushido has a proven track record throughout Ireland and the world for producing junior and senior world champions
  • Bushido is one of the most effective and dynamic martial arts in the world today
  • It is a modern martial art that incorporates sweeping, throwing, grapling and effective self defence
  • Bushido will help improve self confidence, self discipline, improve concentration and help improve fitness and strength
  • Classes catering for all levels of fitness both junior and adults.  Non contact classes available
  • Specific weight loss and muscle tone classes
  • Burn up to a 1,000 calories per class


The Bushido Karate/kickboxing club has been operating for over 30 years.  It's first dojo "gym" was in Coolmine Sports Centre Clonsilla where it operated for a number of years before moving to Palmerstown. The Club was founded by the late Eddie Ince(1949-2001).

The club has been at the heart of progressive martial arts since its conception and has been  consistent in coaching World and European champions at both junior and senior level. Its athletes who compete at national and international competitions are widely respected.

The clubs senior coaches are Mr. Pat Lynch, Mr. Michael Dunleavy. Who between them have striven to keep up the high standard of coaching that was set by Mr Eddie Ince. Between them they have over sixty years experience in the Martials Arts.

It is our hope as instructors that training in our style of Bushido karate will not only be fun, it will promote fitness and encourage a healthy look on life, but that it will also encourage individuals to examine and improve their lives in an honest and forthright manner. At the same time, Bushido Karate Gendai provides a powerful means.

Children's Classes


1. Build self confidence that will pay off for the rest of your child's life.
2. Develop self discipline that gives your child the power to resist the many bad influences that face today's youth.
3. Increase concentration that very often pays off in the form of better grades in school.
4. Have better co-ordination and balance that will improve performance in many other activities.
5. Better level of fitness and strength.
6. Have fun.
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