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CRX Kenpo

Stillorgan, Dublin: A dynamic martial art, self defence for today's world.

CRX Kenpo
St. Benildus College,
Upper Kilmacud Road,
DUB 14
085 7342724
Today's Hours: 11:00AM - 12:30PM (Advanced)
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About Us

Kenpo is a dynamic martial art whose influence runs deep in the modern world and as Kenpo itself continues to evolve we at CRX are focused on practical self-defence training to meet the challenges of today.

What is Kepo at CRX

Kenpo is a dynamic martial art whose influence runs deep in the modern world. From China to the U.S.A., Kenpo has been there to answer the demands of the day. 

Ed Parker initiated the path of Kenpo which we now follow. He dedicated his life to its research and development, fusing elements from the ancient, distilling the knowledge of many nations and binding them together with hard-nosed common sense learnt on the streets of today. 

Students of Kenpo are denied the luxury of tradition however, Kenpo is not what any one man says it is. The language of motion once enunciated is the way of the fighter and each student must learn to speak with their own voice. 

The focus at CRX Kenpo is self-defence appropriate to our modern environment but we will not limit your potential. The strength required to stand alone in combat does not derive from mere mechanics, at CRX we want you to make friendships and learn skills that will serve you for a lifetime.

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