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Irish Open International

Irish Open 2nd - 5th March 2017 - Citywest Convention Centre, Saggart, Dublin

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The Irish Open International has become the pinnacle of fighting in Europe if not the world. The event that is run by a volunteer committee in aid of charity (Irish Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Children) has become the largest fighting tournament in the world today. 

Please double check all information below as it is subject to change!


19th February 2017:                 Online Registration Closes  ( If limit not reached)

Thursday 2nd   March              8pm - 10.30pm                  International Masters fighting Seminars
                                               8PM – 10.30pm                 JPM USA Forms team Seminar ( Trix – Weapons-Forms)
                                               10am - 10.30pm                Competitor Registration ALL

Friday 3rd March                    10am – 12 noon                 Competitor Registration ALL          
                                               10am – 12 Noon                Full Contact Fighter Medical Check (Mandatory)
Draft Adult Draw (Friday)  sheets issued.  (Phone Application)        
2pm - 9pm                        All Team Events  ( Fighting + Forms)
                                                                                      (Men – Women – Junior – Cadet – Younger Cadet)
                                               2pm - 9pm                        Full & K1 Eliminations ( two rings)
                                               2pm - 9pm                        Light  Contact Eliminations ( 8 Areas)
                                               8pm                                 Draft Draw sheets issued for Saturday and Sunday
                                               8pm – 9pm                       Change Table open for all proposed changes.
** Note it is the responsibility of the coach to review their competitors nad ensure they are in the correct divisions/category. No changes after this time will be made

Saturday 4th March           
( Note any changes or omissions to draws must be made to draw sheet manager AT 8am. After 8am no changes will be allowed)
                                             9am -6pm                           All remaining Light Contact Sparring ( 8 Areas)
                                                                                       All Adult Advanced Point Sparring ( 8 Areas)
                                                                                       All Junior Advanced Point Sparring                    ( 8 Areas) Cadet/Junior Forms/Weapons/Trix
                                                                                       Full and K1 Eliminations
                                             7pm-11pm                           Irish Open Night Of Champions
                                                                                       **Note select only **  5 PF   – 2 FC  2 K1 – 3 LC matches  -   Teams Forms top 3 face off -

Sunday 5th March             
                                             9am                                     All Pe Wee Point Sparring Cadet Point Sparring
                                                                                        All Younger Cadet Point Sparring
                                                                                        All Older Cadet Point Sparring
                                                                                        Adult Forms/Weapons
                                                                                        Full & K1 Finals

                                             4pm                                     Male Grand Champion
                                                                                        Female Grand Champion
                                                                                        Junior Male Grand Champion
                                                                                        Junior Female Grand Champion

                                             10pm                                   Legendary Irish Open After Party 


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