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Irish Open International

Irish Open International 27th Feb - 3th March 2019 - Citywest Convention Centre, Saggart, Dublin

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The Irish Open International has become the pinnacle of fighting in Europe if not the world. The event that is run by a volunteer committee in aid of charity (Irish Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Children) has become the largest fighting tournament in the world today. 


The Irish Open has been building in popularity and has become the largest sport karate fighting event in the world. But it also is home to some incredible divisions and performances in forms and weapons competition as well. It is a WAKO World Cup event but open to all styles and organizations. With fighting divisions that can be nearly 100 or more competitors deep, winning at the Irish Open is truly an accomplishment. And participating in the event is one of the most memorable that many competitors can have.
What makes the Irish Open even more special is that proceeds from the event are given to charity so by participating, people are not only having an incredible sport karate experience - they are helping children in need. The event offers point sparring, light contact, full contact, team sparring and forms and weapons of all kinds (creative, traditional, musical, extreme).
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