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Martial Arts Alliance - Tallaght

Martial Arts Alliance - One Million Kicks for Tallaght

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Martial Arts Alliance One Million Kicks

The Martial Arts Alliance - Tallaght is a group of martial arts clubs who wish to work together to positively promote martial arts in the Tallaght Area.

Local martial artists from Tallaght are attempting a massive record breaking feat to achieve 1,000,000 kicks at a martial arts demonstration in The Square, Tallaght on the 20th Jan '18. All proceeds from the event will be donated to nominated local charities. Check out the group Facebook Page for details of the clubs involved, the beneficiary charities & how you can get involved, how you can become one of our corporate sponsors or make a donation

                                  PLEASE READ BELOW

Record a video of a kick of any kind, put online on your social media page and nominate 2 further people! [They don’t have to be martial artists!]
Please support this worthy cause by making a video to assist fundraising!
Link to Donate Below!

Hold your finger on this text, copy & paste into your video post, edit the text & nominate 2 further people!
Please feel free to make your own nomination videos even if not nominated yet!

After making your video, why not share it to our page:


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