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Shogun Martial Arts - Shogun Martial Arts Shop and Training Centre

Shogun Martial Arts Shop & Training Centre
Kennedy Road
046 9074530
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About Us

We are a family run Martial Art that teach children the value of Manners, Discipline and Respect. We teach adults Awareness, Confidence and Self Defence for all situations through the age old Martial Arts of Jujutsu, Ninjutsu and Koryu Karate. We are a very old Martial Art and continue to teach the old ways. Children must learn how to escape from danger and know the difference between right and wrong. A clever Martial Artist does not need to fight but knows how to defend themselves when there is no other option.

Jujutsu, Ninjutsu, Koryu Karate are the oldest forms of traditional Japanese Martial Arts. Our family run centres in Navan and Mullingar are designed as traditional Japanese dojos with male and female changing rooms and a seated area for parents so you can enjoy a coffee and watch the class. We have a relaxed atmosphere but are dedicated to imparting knowledge and good manners while learning self defence with fun and games in a traditional environment